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Christian Costuna (Christian)

I enjoy working in many different types of arts– graphic designing, logo, t-shirt designs and my greatest pleasure is depicting interesting buildings. My strong interest in art and design lead me to study Bachelor of Science in Architecture.

I worked in Dubai for almost 6 years wherein I was able to work on small to medium scaled hospitality and commercial projects where I developed and gain more knowledge in design and construction. I also had an experience working as a fire engineer-technician when I first arrived in New Zealand.

After few years working in a different field in New Zealand, I decided to go back and pursue architecture and designing so I have taken an Archicad course in Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology (formerly ARA) to learn about the program which is widely used in New Zealand and also to help me to upgrade my skills. This is where I was given an opportunity by Phil to work at ICR Studio where I was able to use my skills and at the same time learned a lot of things from my team.

In my spare time, it is almost taken up by designing logos and studying various 3D programs. I also enjoy going out with my wife and friends, listening to music, playing the bass guitar, photography and travel.

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