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Edwin Surtida (Edwin)

The Building and Construction industry has always fascinated me. I’ve always wondered back then how houses and buildings were designed and constructed. Thankfully, with my parents support, I gained a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture and eventually got registered as an Architect in the Philippines.

Working in the industry requires a lot of forward planning and experience. Fortunately, with my skills in design coupled with project management and site coordination work experiences, the difficulties in managing projects are minimised if not prevented.

New Zealand architecture and design presented a new challenge to me when I got here late 2006. I literally went back to the drawing board and learned about timber framing, acceptable solutions, and compliance. I worked for a few architecture and construction companies as an architectural technician as well as for a retail company as an in-house designer/project manager.

However, working in this type of industry requires a high level of focus and attention. Close coordination with consultants and suppliers is equally important. Top priority, however, is keeping a good relationship with clients.

Basketball, tennis, golf are sports that I really enjoy playing with family and friends – they remind me of teamwork, focus, and forward planning. Stepping out of “work mode”, I usually hang out with my wife and kids for some wine, movies, singing, dancing, you name it – the family that plays together, get’s fun and quirky together!

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